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Perfumed and sensuous, sprays of orchids sit atop a glass table, with a mood evoking vintage Opium fragrance ads.


Flourishing lilies arranged in an orb vessel. A favourite art nouveau flower, with colours inspired by painter Alphonse Mucha.


The hyper feminine red flowers in a statement geometric vase, channeling sensual 80’s perfection.

‘Cactus and Archway’

A bulbous cactus catching the light, in an earthy palette of mineral greens.

‘Interior Monstera’

Lush large leaves jostle for location in cool green tones.

‘Pastel Anthuriums’

Ice cream pink anthuriums sitting sexy in a Miami Deco inspired pastel palette

‘Pastel Orchids’

Soft violet orchids with gilt edges spill over a vintage Ettore Sottsass vase.

‘Vine on Ledge’

Escaping its vessel, a twisting trailing plant fills a window archway on a warm day
A collection of illustrative collage artworks, designed with fine textured papers awakened with golden line work.